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Why It Works When It Works.

Posted by Cobaltsoul on December 31, 2011 at 3:45 AM

New Year's Eve and that seems like good enough reason to blog.

I think, actually, the idea of blogging was originally that you didn't need a reason, you just splurged any old nonsense onto the digital space and in a thoroughly post modern gestalt someone might read it and connect, or not.

Returning to my thought...  oh, right...   On those occassions, rare as they may be, that a New Year's Resolution actually works there is a good reason in our design why it works.  We attribute significance to things without reference to their actual significance.  When I say "actual significance" it kind of begs a question, how one determines "actual" significance.  If you are Theist of any colour then the answer is easy,  "actual significance" is some pure or absolute thing determined in the eyes, or whatever, of some perfect and all knowing entity/being/force.  (Frankly I think the idea of "the universe/force" as any kind of substitute for an actual Being is pretty silly.  Seems to me as soon as you say a force is "knowing" then your saying the force is actual a Being and we are back to talking about God in one or another guise.  If your force remains purely a thing of non-Being then it seems to me you've chosen a spirituality a tad irrelevant to Beings.)

Returning again to my thought...humans attribute significance to things entirely subjectively.  Indeed this attribution of significance happens not only on the level of consciousness.  It turns out that our brains have developed a marvelous pattern recognition capacity as a way of processing the virtually infinite amount of information our senses flood us with every moment of our waking life.  Not just processing that information but organising it.  The information our senses take in is useless without organisation.  Our brains organise the information and what do you think it uses to organise?  Previous patterns that have been found useful for the same task.  It's not mere human stupidity that causes us to struggle with seeing important changes in our environment and our situations, it's hardwired into our brains to first trust old ways of organising and interpreting information. 

This is a real example from my past - I see a field mouse scurrying away from my lawn mower and I stop to watch with a sense of wonder and delight at discovering a little bit of Wildlife right at my feet.  My friend, mowing the same field sees a field mouse scurrying away from his lawn mower and stomps on the mouse, killing it.  I don't know what significance he attributed to that mouse but clearly not the same as I did. 

We attribute significance from within us.  Sometimes reality forces a significance on us but even those we have a lot of choices in how we frame what cannot be denied or ignored.  Everything less than catastrophe or bald tragedy is open to our own decisions about the attribution of significance.

If the resolutions you make this New Year are significant to you, then they'll stick.  If they don't stick, just admit the change wasn't that important to you, not down in your belly where it matters.  That's the learning potential right there - the gap between what you think is important to you and what is actually important to you.  It can be a pretty confronting gap, which is why most of us mostly don't notice it.  :)

Happy New Year.

Mikel O Azure.

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