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Posted by cobaltsoul on July 14, 2009 at 5:15 AM

People are precious.

Some of us challenge our own value by choosing deathly attitudes and actions.

Some of us ignore our worth by hiding.

Each of us is a living treasure, this is a truth we can choose to enjoy or choose to ignore.

You have value beyond expression or understanding. Your life is the treasure you hold. Your life is a gift you can both receive and give. Whatever your past, whatever your future, as you read these words this is true - You are precious.

You can treat yourself as a treasure, someone to be loved, respected and given full opportunity to shine.

You can treat yourself as a nothing, something to be ignored, dismissed and hidden in shame or disinterest.

The same is true of how we treat other people, we have a choice.

Each of us had the experience of being seen by someone else as a treasure. We know what that feels like. We know the effect such regard has on us, the transforming power of being seen that way by another person.

If we were lucky one or both of our parents saw us as precious. Perhaps we did not have this experience until someone fell in love with us for the first time.

Perhaps the person who saw us as precious was almost a stranger, but someone with a heart to see people with grace and wonder. I had one such experience and it still resonates thru me more than a decade later.

Consider the gift you can give other people, to see them as precious. Consider that you could be a person who sees others with grace and wonder. You could give that gift to many people. Giving each of them that same transforming moment.

First we give ourselves that gift. Then we can share it around.

First you see yourself with grace and wonder. Then you turn your sight toward others.

It is not egotistical to say to yourself, ?I am precious.? It is simply stating the truth. The truth often lost to us early in life.

Try it sometime.

Think of that which you hold most precious then feel that way about YOURSELF.

Say it to yourself with that feeling in your heart, ?I am precious.?

Say it with conviction, own it as the truth, feel it as you say it. ?I am precious.?

If you get hold of this truth, if this truth gets hold of you, everything changes.


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Reply terry
10:05 PM on April 4, 2010 
I am a frequent visitor to your site and I would just like to say that I love the work you guys are doing here.
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Reply Elizabeth
9:47 PM on July 16, 2009 
A true gift of artistic expression. Both visually and in the written words. Clear concise reminders to ponder and share.