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More Stoopid Software

Posted by Cobaltsoul on October 24, 2010 at 7:33 AM

A large company that will remain nameless, that makes a lot of the software most of us use, has gone and done the stoopid again.

This nameless company, could be any company, has a Messenger progam, used by hundreds of millions of people. 

Many of those people are in the second and third world, with still underdeveloped and sometimes dodgy internet infrastructure.

But big software company does not think about that.  Oh no.

They recently upgraded their Messenger software and they changed something.

Formerly you could use your webcam two ways.  You could use it just to share a live image of yourself to your friends while you typed the text of your conversation.  Or you could use it, and a microphone, to start a video call and see and speak as if face to face.  Now the video call uses up way more bandwidth than the webcam image.  

On limited bandwidth lines you could get a perfectly good webcam image, but NOT a good video image, using the identical equipment.

That made webcam only a very attractive tool for people living in those countries with dialup bandwidth internet access for most people or seriously over stretched infrastructure even if it was wider bandwidth.

The big software company, and some of the alternative Messenger softwares have done the same,  got rid of webcam only.   You know cannot choose to just see each other but see each other clearly,  now you only get to do a video call and if it keeps dropping out or looks more like a melted mess than an image of a human face, too bad, no choices, no options.

So, if you live in the infrastructured challenged parts of the world, according to the Messenger companies, you don't matter, your software using experience does not matter.

You can't call yourself a global company if you don't have the brains to THINK GLOBALLY.

Stoopid is just SO annoying.

PS, yes, I know how to spell stupid, I was making a little play with words there.

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