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Honesty and Christmas.

Posted by Cobaltsoul on December 25, 2010 at 7:13 AM





I am a BIG movie fan. I mean, multiply the girth of the universe by the number of hamburgers eaten by the average Aussie bogun in any given year and even THAT number won't be big enough to let you grasp how BIG a movie buff I am.



I think movies are THE modern cultural stream.

If you want to write a PhD thesis on modern society and culture, write it about Movies.



Do you want to know what modern cultural expression has the same interpretive power in our generation as we attribute to the great Masters of classical painting? MOVIES!



OK, that's my one exclamation mark in ten thousand words. (Hemmingway's standard.)



Movies, despite the venality of so many .that get to our screens, are THE modern narrative expression of meaning and values and self reflection. That's what I think.



They incorporate story telling, visual power and (In those rare few with any good quality scriptwriters supported by intelligent directors and intelligent producers.) the soul scouring blade of well used words.



Sadly, the potential of the majority of movies are undermined by the power of the “bean counters”, the profit margin obsessives and the egos of the actors involved.



Here is a piece of movie world reality. Every major movie actor is insured for millions of dollars on each movie. The insurance company will not allow THE star to be at risk. If THE star takes an injury then the whole movie takes a dive or costs massive amounts more to make. Therefore, the insurance companies make sure that the star of a movie never takes risks.



Now, if you watch all the “extras”and “features” of some movies, you are given the distinct impression that the movie star DOES take risks. I remember one movie, it's quite impossible for me to remember exactly which movie that might be, in which the additional features were edited to make it look like the male lead, a real tomcat, actually DID one of the big stunts in the movie. That particular (In my view shallow and clearly insecure.) actor even gave the impression he HAD done the stunt. How embarrasing is that? A ful grown male PRETENDING he took a risk he didn't take? Like a twelve year old lying to impress a girl.



Meanwhile an actual stuntman took the actual risk and made the liar actor look good.



Now you might think that on Christmas day I had something more substantial and “deep” to write about.



Is there anything more substantial than honesty?



I love movies.



I admire the talents of actors and directors and screenwriters and producers and directors of photography and gaffers and all the gifted talents who work together to create the modern narrative miracle of the movie genre.



Any sane person knows that the actors don't take risks. We, the movie viewers, don't need to believe the actor is in danger for us to enjoy the movie and to be carried alone by the narrative.

Apparently some actors are so underdeveloped as human beings THEY still need us to believe they take risks they don't actually take.



I still remember, “You had me at.....”

No risk was involved in that truth, no danger imagined or stunt person involved. A grown up actor would understand they did not need to lie to convince us that they GAVE us something in their art.



In art, in movies, as in life, the truth always has more power than the lie.



Let us each be naked and honest.



Let us not pretend we are more than we are.



Let us not pretend we are less then we are.



Christmas is a time full of bullshit.

This year I met a guy who wanted toknow why people made such a fuss about being nice and honest and giving at the end of the year, why not all year round? Fair question.



So I leave you with this question...




















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1 Comment

Reply hiker
11:11 AM on December 28, 2010 
Belated happy christmas Mikel. And a happy new year ahead.

Good blog. And "you had me at..."...I'm pretty sure that was from As Good As It Gets wasn't it?...which was one of the unfortunately diminishing number of big name blockbuster movies which actually moved me on every level. Even though it is in that notoriously disreputable genre of Romantic Comedy. Great script, great acting, and I imagine great direction too, though I wouldn't know what I was looking for on that count.

I'm not really a big movie buff like you though. Partly time, and partly coz I no longer like to spend it watching something unless I'm sure it's not going to be pap. And my definition of pap is getting bigger. I'm definitely getting older, and I might becoming a little bit cynical.

Who was the actor in question btw? I would like it to be Tom Cruise...but that's just a personal prejudice ;-)

Edit: LOL. As they say. I googled the "you had me at.." and it was from Jerry Maguire. Which ironically, bearing in mind my little dig at him, stars Tom Cruise. Who was pretty good in it if I recall. Good line anyway.