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Sudden Change

Posted by Cobaltsoul on January 16, 2011 at 9:11 PM

Most of us have our lives set up to support a simple fiction.  Pretty much the entire Western capitalist system is setup to support the same simple fiction.  Regardless of the news entertainment industry's relentless attempt to challenge the fiction we somehow manage to watch all the tragedy and disaster without grasping it's lesson. 

My life can change in one moment.

The fiction we cling to is that things will go along nicely just as they are and we need not consider the matter any further than that.  We do not want to think about the fact that our lives can change without reference to our intent or our plans. 

Now the news entertainment industry (Have to add the *entertainment* adjective, even in my thirty five years of paying attention to the news I recognise the dramatic shift from substance to sensation, from journalist to public relations dupe, from an ethical subculture to a corporate clone culture.) serves up a soap opera of dramatic disasters and terrible traumas and warps the perspective on it all.  More outrage at one crook who robs an old lady of her hand bag on the street than at thousands of millionaire crooks robbing millions of people of their life savings.  Think about it, consider what you've seen on the screen and you will see that matters of very different scales are reported in inappropriately similar tones.  Now consider who that might serve.

Anyway, that wasn't my point, so back to it.

So I was saying that we are surrounded by evidence that our life can change in the twinkling of an eye.  Most of us steadfastly turn away from ruminating on that reality, perhaps because most of us are more pessimistic than optimistic, we don't want to think about the possiblity of our life changing for the worst just around the corner.  There is as much reason to be optimistic, I'd argue, some other time, there is actually MORE reason to be optimistic.

Life can change for the better in the twinkling of an eye.  It can change for the better without our initiating it.  Good things simply come to us.  You might as well call them gifts as anything else.

In the last week I have experienced this and it's a pretty invigorating ride.

I have met a remarkable woman.  Now the story is not quite so compact as that.  She introduced herself to me and gave me her contact details but it was many weeks before the matter proceeded any further.  I stuffed up the first meeting without knowing I had, came away from it thinking this was a breathtakingly delightful and rich individual who I really wanted to get to know better but left her with an impression of me that was quite unhelpful.

I got a second chance when we bumped into each other again and I will admit I was in a small panic to make sure I grabbed that opportunity to say hi and what happened next is that moment, the one where your whole life shifts track.  She gave me a second chance and accepted my invitation to have a good long chat.  She had reason not to talk to me again but in that space where a decision is made, she decided for me, something entirely outside my control but with immense potential to transform my life in countless positive ways.

It is my intuition and my hope that in thirty years time this blog will be the first of many I write inspired by the impact and influence of this woman on my life.  There is good reason to hope in that direction but you can't always tell from the first paragraph if a story is going to be a long one or a short one. 

Even if our story is not a long one the impact of meeting some people even briefly can be life changing.  It depends on the quality of the person and how their qualities intersect with the open and unresolved themes in your own journey.  This woman is definitely one of those quality of individuals for me.  Her fusion of character, personality, history and hopes resonates intensely with my stuff.  Not the harsh discord of damaged patterns crashing into each other, the natural and delightful harmonies of two lives close enough to be complementary and different enough to create together a third new thing of beauty and joy.  Just knowing, first hand, that such a person exists, shifts a private but unfullfilled hope to a realistically fufillable goal.  If it can be real once, it can be real twice.  If She is not *The One* meeting her affirms to me that women like her are real and they are attainable. 

Either way,  that second conversation transforms my life.  That moment she decided to chat to me the second time is the turning point, everything after that is different.

You just don't know what's about to happen.

Our lives don't roll along unchanging but we do our best to interpret it that way because it makes us feel safe and comfortable.

It might feel safe and comfortable but I suspect it's really only a half living, we are missing a great deal of what's going on, not engaging it, not enjoying it, not growing with it, not making the most of what's offered.  For sure I'm guilty of that but I think maybe less so from now on.

Peace to us all.


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