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Where Do You Find Beauty?

Posted by Cobaltsoul on August 31, 2011 at 5:35 AM

Hey there,

I've been silent for a long time.  That's me, a typical tortured writer, full of things to say, not saying them.

I am listening to Trance.  Trance music that is.  Some deliciously rich tracks I purchased just a few days back.  I'm a bit of a Trance addict.

When I was in my early teens my Father's sister, a truly gifted keyboard musician, like my Dad, had purchased a LP, I think it was called "Hooked on Bach".  Hold on, let me go google that, to make sure it's right.  No, it was Wendy Carlos'  "Switched on Bach", apparently the first classical music album to break various records.  No surprise, it was a real kicker.  My aunt didn't like it so she handed it to me.  I loved it.  There was the start of my addiction to synthesizer music.   Synthesizer, Moog mostly, performances of Bach classical organ music!  Awesome.

Pink Floyd fed my addiction, one of my top ten albums is "Wish You Were Here", which still hasn't dated, in my humble opinion.

A bit later on was German dudes Tangerine Dream,  in the era of cassettes and walkmans Tangerine Dream were my favourite companions.

Long break, then I discovered Trance music about twenty years on.  Then I discovered Daft Punk long after everyone else noticed them. :)

All of this history to prime the question, where do you find beauty?

The track I'm listening to right now just hit "the space"....(Don't Stop by the Sleepwalkers)  synth music can generate a huge spacey quality, it's not all duf duf duf.   When the space hits, it's all bliss.....  like being taken to a new universe,  your soul seems to open up and start to expand, grow, deeper and wider. 

This music is one of the arts that can bring me to tears.

Beauty brings me to tears.

Takes my breathe away.

Shifts my consciousness.

I find beauty in a wide range of places, Trance music is just one of them, but a rich one.

Where else?





Female beauty.  (Which may be visual but might also be auditory, soulful, tactile or enacted.)


For me, beauty and awe are intertwined,  the feeling of both is close for me, close together.

Beauty silences me at the same time as another part of me seeks to name it, praise it, elevate it, give voice to the wonder and blessing I am lost inside.

Now I have to be honest,  I think if I was a totally whole male, I'd have the same response to male beauty as I do to female beauty.  I've seen some men who I thought were beautiful, simply stunningly gorgeous manifestations of the male form in a purely visual frame of reference.  Their beauty didn't silence me.  I recognised it, but it didn't plumb my depths the way a similarly gorgeous woman does. 

I think the damage our cultures do to our sense of "male and female" is behind this difference in me. 

Anyway,  beauty I discover beauty down many different avenues.

How about you?



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Reply Caseyimaby
6:43 PM on September 23, 2017 
More info!
Reply hiker
8:27 AM on September 1, 2011 
As always, a thought provoking blog Mikel. To me beauty is linked up with anything that hits me hard emotionally. Particularly feelings of love or hope....and sometimes loss. Without the emotion attached some things that are without a doubt beautiful don't register with me very much. I'm not a sensory enough person to see something beautiful and feel the emotion. I think it usually has to happen the other way round... if that makes sense.

Hope you're well. Has you're email address changed because I haven't been able to get hold of you for quite a good while?