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Stupid Person Saying Stupid Things Stupidly.

Posted by Cobaltsoul on February 17, 2011 at 5:37 AM

You know how sometimes something just strikes as being SO dumb or SO funny or SO somethingorother?  I had one of those moments today, listening to the radio I heard a politician who was SO stupid he managed to demonstrate that what he was saying was wrong while he was saying it and without noticing that he'd done it.

World's Dumbest Politician.

And that's a category with some pretty stiff competition in it.

The topic was multiculturalism as a national policy.  Which has been in Australia for most of my life a bilateral policy.  One party first started talking about it when they were in power, the other major party made it legislative policy when they were next in power.  No elections were fought over it, pretty much everyone has agreed that it's the kind of Australia we want.  When you migrate to Australia we don't expect you to abandon your culture to fit in.  Bring the best of your culture with you and celebrate it as a community and let the rest of us enjoy the additional riches we discover flowing into our national awareness from your cultural streams.  We have a few values which are non negotiable, like equality of respect regardless of differences and fairness and being a meritocracy but other than that, be Greek, be Lebanese, be Italian, be Vietnamese, be Sudanese, be who you are and be it together and we don't have a problem with that.

Now recently the current government has overtly re-stated their committment to multiculturalism and to wanting to revive our awareness of it as a national direction and value. 

So the World's Dumbest Politician candidate gets on the radio and says something like this.

Multiculturalism is such an old hat term.  (Substantive analysis there, really getting to grips with the issues at an important verbal fashions level.)  We've been talking about multiculturalism and implementing it in this nation for over thirty years, it's so past it's used by date.  The current government just wants to create division and an excuse to treat different groups differently and if they adopt a multicultural policy we'll end up with the kind of divisions and problems we seen in Germany and England in their failed multicultural policies.



You said we've been implementing multiculturalism for thirty years (And you can't point to it creating division and failure up to this point, or you would have.) but if we start implementing it NOW it will fail.  Point out that it's worked for thirty years and then think that supports your denial that it can work now.

Additional stupidity:  "treat different groups differently"  wow, such a terrible idea, recognise differences that require different approaches and implement them so we all reach the same goal.

Additional additional stupidity:  because the same word "multiculturalism" is used in three different countries assume, like the simplistic moron you are, that it refers to the same attitudes, the same policy, the same system and the same implementation processes.

It was one of those moments of me yelling at the radio as I drove down the road.  He He.  Probably even waving one hand in the air like the Italian mates I grew up with in Western Australia. 

The human capacity to astonish never ceases to astonish me.


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