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"Pebbles On A Beach" evokes the reality that any description I give of myself will be equivalent to describing a beach by describing one or two pebbles found on it.

My most fundamental philosophy is that humans are designed for pleasure.  If you think that is a shallow philosophy you have a shallow understanding of *pleasure*. 

Pleasure of the soul, pleasure of the mind, pleasure of the senses. 
Identity shaping pleasure.  Ephemeral slivers of delight. 
The joys that make your head spin and the ones you only notice when looking back in the quiet times.  That which makes you cry out in delight and awe and that which silences you completely. 
Pleasures seeming unalloyed and those seeming entirely ambiguous. 

For the rugged individualist reading this (One lurks in us all.) you're missing out if you haven't noticed that almost all pleasures are deeper and richer, even truer, when shared with another.  The fullness of pleasure is relational.  Simply, sharing is pleasurable and so it enhances almost any pleasure experienced alone.  The obvious exception being the pleasure of solitude. 

Some thoughtful soul once said we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  I'm pretty much up with that idea though the strong dichotomy it implies between physical and spiritual isn't something I buy into.

I don't believe humans are merely the result of random accidents spread over billions of years culminating in advanced biological machines which imagine spiritual realities to avoid facing a vast emptiness pressing down on us.   Our development, and it's broader context, may well spread over billions of years but I don't think it's random and meaningless.  I think we are biological machines but not merely that.  I believe there is more going on in our existence than mere accidents within matter. 

Life is precious.  Sentient life even more precious.  I believe, simply, that the purpose of life is to enjoy it.  To enjoy being the person that brings you the deepest satisfaction and fulfilment, joy and wonder, love and grace.  To know yourself and express yourself as freely and truly and generously as you can manage in the span of your years. 

My experience has been that connecting to God, who I experience most lucidly and intimately in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, is a fundamental element of enjoying myself and enjoying life.   I am not a church goer but I once was.  I still consider myself part of the Life of God but not in any exclusive sense - I think we all are part of that same Life.

I'm not concerned to convince anyone of anything, only to share my own journey and hope bits of it will be enriching for some others at some point.  In the second half of my life I am intending to find ways to enjoy deep sharing and dialogue with people who's experience of God has been mediated by faith traditions different to mine.  I am interested to enjoy the things we have in common and share mutual respect in the areas we do not find common ground.  I expect that will be difficult but also enriching and rewarding.

I want Life and lots of it.
I want the way I live to make it easier for others also to have Life and lots of it. 

So there you go, one possible introduction out of a wide selection bouncing around in my head.

The Open Way referred to in the title is one way I think of my life journey, a life that is becoming more open the longer I live it but which paradoxically has the feel to me of having a definite destination.

You will find plenty of info about me here.  Not absolute transparency but plenty more than you'd learn from me in one or two conversations at a barbecue over a few beers.  I hope you enjoy the experience you have here.

Finally, this is me, the photo was taken by my cool sister Bunny.